Happy Valentine's Day with GLOSSYBOX!

Good morning lovely you!

This morning i recieved my very first GLOSSYBOX. It's the german one of course because i am living in Germany but i guess the ones in America for example could include similar products.

This Box is the Valentine's Edition and i am really happy with my first Box.           

This is how the Package looks like in which the Box came. It's brown with the light pink emblem of GLOSSYBOX.
And this is how the Box itself looks like. This time it's a pink box that represents the topic of this box: Valentinesday.
Inside the box, there are the light pink emblems again on a dark pink background. The products are wrapped in soft paper and there's a sticker with the emblem and a nice pink bow. On the card all included products are explained but i didn't look on the card untill i saw all the products in the box :)
In the box there's always the GLOSSYMag which is a magazine about new products and styles. This time they present nice styles for a Valentine's Date :) I also got this cute Valentine's Card.

So i opened the box and i was sooooo excited! This blue flyer on top is a coupon which says that i get 12% off on DR.BRONNERS products...
And so the first product in the box is a "DR. BRONNER'S MAGIC SOAP".
This castille liquide soap smells like lavender and i really like the smell. It's made of Coconut-, Olive-, Jojoba- and Hempoil.
DR. BRONNER'S is THE best selling bio cosmetics producer in America.
The bottle is a fullsize product.
(3,59€ 59ml)

This product is my highlight of the box.
It's a Lip Luxe Duo from MODEL CO.
It's the colour "Dusk Lipstick & Striptease Gloss" and i think it's a really nice colour :)
As you can see, on the one side there's the gloss and on the other side there's the lipstick.

It's a fullsize product again.
(30€ 3,5g + 5ml)

The next two items are a moisturizing body cream from "GERTRUD GRUBER" and a mask from "être belle".

The cream smells very soft and like roses. It's made of shea- and olivebutter. I haven't tried it yet but i will this evening.
It's a tester. I guess there are 25ml in there.
(OP: 29,90€ 250 ml)

The mask is a tester, too.
It's a Aloe Vera Hydro Mask.
I can't say much about that mask and to be honest i never use face masks but i will give this one a try.
(OP: 30,80€ 10 masks)

The last product is the "Shortsexyhair SHATTER Finishing Spray".
You spray it into your wet or dry hair and style your hair. It works like hairspray.
That's a fullsize product!
(17,95€ 125 ml)

Not as a product but as a nice present my GLOSSYBOX
included a tester for the new Valentino Perfume "Valentina Acqua Floreale". I really like the floral smell and i will put it to my other collection of testers :) I guess you can get testers like these in every drugstores which sells perfumes.

The items in this box usually cost around 57,61€.
I am really happy about the perfume, the Lip Duo and the Soap. I also like the Body Cream.
I will give the mask a try but i guess i will give the hairproduct to my mum :)

So, to all girls from Germany: Here's the link so you can also purchase a GLOSSYBOX and you can have a look at the other boxes from the last year :)
I hope you really like this unboxing post.

Have a nice week!
Love, Laura


  1. Nice Glossybox. Mine was similar to yours :)
    I like your blog

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, i like your blog too :)
      Maybe you want to follow mine? I'd like to follow yours :)

  2. bin nicht so der fan von der glossybox aber ich hoffe, dass du sie toll fandest =)

    vg denise